Passion Mastery 101

Passion Mastery 101 is our intensive hands-on flagship program. This is a hybrid program that includes 4 workshops and 7 individual working sessions that are split out into 4 modules. Each module contains 1 workshop and 1 private session with an additional 3 private accountability sessions in the final stage of the program.

The system is designed to teach you The Passion Centre's 3P framework. This framework enables all participants to go from passion mystery to passion mastery. Enabling clarity, while identifying and developing a personalized Passion pursuit that is in complete alignment to your unique Passions.

Enjoy working alongside a community of people all moving in the direction of their passions, while taking advantage of personalized learning, discovery and development that will move your goals forward like never before!

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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why
— Mark Twain

At The Passion Centre, our mission is to help you answer two of life’s most burning questions:

What should I really be doing?

How can I spend my time to get there?

Chances are, deep down inside, you already know the answers. But sometimes, we simply stay stuck. Life transitions can almost seem insurmountable when you have a career, family, and other lifestyle commitments.

That’s where The Passion Centre comes in.

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Whether you are mainly interested in learning how to better yourself, lead a more purpose-driven lifestyle, or pursue a more meaningful career, we can help.

"Passion Mastery 101 is a high impact program involving lots of internal and external combat. We combat fear, resistance to change, the mind, and even reality sometimes. But we do this only so that you can come out feeling passionate about life and your participation in it again!"
- Kira Day, Founder and Lead Passion Development Coach

Options are available for workshops as well as private programs. Workshops take place in several locations around the Greater Toronto Area. 


Module 1: Passion4 Way-finding

Introduction to The Compass4 System

Prerequisite: None

Program Start Dates:

CLOSED: Series 1 Start date: January 7th 2018 

CLOSED: Series 2 Start date: March 3rd 2018 

CLOSED: Series 3 Start date: March 18th 2018 

CLOSED: Series 4 Start date: May 5th 2018

CLOSED: Series 5 Start date: May 6th 2018

SIGN UP HERE: Series 6 Start date: June 3rd 2018


Introduction to The Compass4 System

Where are you? Who are you? Find your Passion

Passion4 Wayfinding

Find Your Passion: passion-Discovery Phase

Total Time Commitment: 7 hours

(6 hours group on site + 1:1 Private session)

In this phase clients experience a renewed awakening to their calling. 

We begin by getting a general understanding of who you are through a series of systematically designed engagements. From there, we introduce 4 unique assessments, designed to take you several steps deeper into understanding your core drivers and core natures, or as we call it - your Passion Centre.

By the end of the discovery phase, clients are rooted in self-awareness. This intensive full day program enables you to get clearer about your journey than ever before. Open your mind, awaken and invigorate your sense of self. Use our private 1:1 sessions to tap into your personal uniqueness. The areas in which you are made to shine.

Will address the following: Your Starting Point: Who are you and where are you?





"In some ways a person is like all other people, in other ways like many other people, and in still other ways, like no other people".       


- Kluckohn & Murray (1948)



The Passion Centre works on those parts of you that are like no other person. The you, part of you. Your most unique and authentic self. Your core, default nature. Once understood we strive to help you take that authentic talent and find a way to express more of it.

Because the world needs more of you, just the way you are!



Passion Mastery 101: Module 2, 3 & 4


Module 2: Passion4 Discovery

Discover, Develop, Decide

Prerequisite: Module 1


Discover, Develop, Decide

Who are you? Where are you going?  

Passion4 Discovery

Employ Your Passion: Discovery and Preparation phase

Total time commitment: 7 hours

(6 hours group on site, + 1:1 private session)

In the second Phase of the program we do a deeper dive into your most optimal state. We focus on strategizing ways to integrate your new-found clarity into your life by direction of your personal passion pursuit. We both identify and create strategies to fill gaps in this stage to best prepare you for your personal success.

Phase 2 brings in skillful introspection, brainstorming and research into the program. 

By the end of this phase clients are reborn with clarity and vision, direction and momentum to continue down the journey of their Passion Pursuit.

Will address the following: Where you are going


Module 3: Passion4 Purpose

Discovery Part 2 and Strategy Planning

Prerequisite: Module 2


Discovery & Strategy

How will you get there? 

Passion4 purpose 

Employ Your Passion: Strategy and Preparation phase

Total time commitment: 7 hours

(6 hours group on site + 1:1 private sessions)

By the end of the Strategy Phase, clients are left with an impeccable, bullet proof step by step model that reduces the risks involved in pursuing your passion pursuit.

We incorporate some of the best business principles and have modified these best practices to focus in and work on your individual progression plan.

This program drills even further to develop your passion pursuit. We help you develop laser focused goals that align with the Core4 discoveries made in the foundation workshop. This phase leaves clients with clarity, vision, direction and momentum to pursue what they aspire to do and to become! This new awakening springs new desires for a defined outcome: Getting to and living their Passions!

Will address the following: When you will get there. How you will get there. How long it will take. 

Module 4: Passion4 Action 

Activation through Execution

Prerequisite: Module 3


Passion Activation & Execution

Passion4 Action

Raise to Your Passion:  Execution phase

Total time commitment: 9 hours

(6 hours group on site, 3 1:1 private sessions)

Phase 4 is a support model, where we leverage our network to support your success. Acting as accountability partners and advisors, we are there to assist in your launch, but you own the entire process. It is important for our clients to empower themselves at this stage. 

Using all of the insights, tools, and knowledge we’ve learned so far, we finalize your action plan and put it into motion! We’re with you every step of the way with personalized support during this final execution phase. You will leave the last day of this program refreshed, energized and ready to take on your very own Passion pursuit!

By the end of the Implementation and Execution Phase, clients are mobile and en route to actively pursuing their dreams, living lifestyles that reflect them best as the individuals they are. This is powerful in creating healthy states of being.