Passion Mastery 101 Program - In Person

Passion Mastery 101 is our intensive hands-on flagship program. This is a hybrid program that includes 4 workshops and 9 individual working sessions that are split out into 4 modules. Each module contains 1 workshop and 2-3 private sessions, that become the foundations of each proceeding module as participants undergo deeper levels of development.  

The system is designed to teach you the 3P framework. A framework that enables all participants to go from passion mystery to passion mastery enabling clarity, while identifying a personalized Passion pursuit that is in complete alignment to their core4 Passions.



Module 1

Workshop + Private Session

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Module 2

Workshop 1 + Private Session



Module 3

Workshop + Private Session



Module 4

Workshop + Private Session

passion4 purpose

Prepare for your pursuit in the research and development phase.

Arm yourself with  a comprehensive action plan that aligns your core drivers with your Passion Pursuit.

Achieve the clarity needed to set you in your new found direction!




Experience a renewed awakening to your calling.

Undergo 4 unique assessments in our Compass4 System and unveil your personal 4 key core drivers of Passion.

Gain clarity while uncovering your most authentic self today!

Passion4 Action

Acting as accountability partners and advisors, we assist in your launch, but you own the entire process. 

Proceed with an impeccable, bullet proof, step by step plan that reduces any risks involved in pursuing your life's dreams! Confidently step forward into your new direction! 



Passion4 discovery

Learn your key gaps and blind spots in our Passion gap analysis. 

Undergo a series of exercises that will further your path to clarity. 

Get crystal clear about your why and identify your Passion Pursuit that will take you into the next 2 modules!












Passion-Mastery 101 Program - Online

Pricing List a-la-cart

We offer a variety of courses and workshops that are made a-la-carte and designed to meet your needs. Special pricing is reserved for the full program. This is an Online and Offline hybrid program that helps you stay in control at every step of your Passion discovery process into design and implementation. 


Module 1 


Introduction to The Passion-Mastery Program and The Compass4 System

Free Video Tutorial

StrengthsFinder 2.0 Gallup Assessment - Top 5

Free - Pay for online assessment on Gallup website here: 


The VII 3 Assessment Bundle (Uncoupled Value, Interests, Ideals) - Top 5

PDF exercise e-book and Video Instruction

  • $59.00


The Compass 4 Interpretation - 1 Hour 

1 Hour live chat with Passion Development Coach to find your 4 Unique Patterns that surface your 4 Unique Passion Centre

  • $120.00


Module 2


Professional Alignment Gap Analysis, Introspective Exercises and 1 Hour Web Consultation

PDF e-book exercise with 1 hour live Passion Development Coaching session




Personal Passion Pursuit

PDF e-questionairre and 1 hour live personal Passion Pursuit Assessment



Persona Script and Board with 4 Statement Exercises

PDF e-workbook and Video instruction



Module 3


Discover Your Why, Your Brand, Problem Statement, Value, Mission and Vision Assessments. Connected to Passion Pursuit

E-workbook Excercises and Video Tutorial




Financial Understanding of Passion Pursuit

E-workbook Exercises and Video Tutorial 




Understanding Who You Serve, Your Key Assumptions and Research Project

E-workbook Exercises and Video Tutorial



Foundations for focusing: 12 week strategy and execution plan

E-workbook Exercises and Video Tutorial


1 hour live consultation for Research Project




Module 4


Focus Boarding

E-workbook and video instruction



12-Week Strategy and Execution Document




3 hours extended Alignment and Accountability Coaching Package




Additional Items and Services


Passion Board Material








Passion Planner





Network Referral 




Additional 30 minute Call Packages





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