Passion Mastery 101 

Do you feel like you are living someone else's dream? Are you tired of getting up and participating in a life that simply under-fulfills you? Are you unsure what your ideal profession looks like, but know you are not in it? Are you motivated to make a change, but first need clarity and a jump start?

Our Passion-Mastery program can help.

Passion Mastery 101 is our intensive hands-on flagship program. This is a hybrid program that includes 4 workshops and 9 individual working sessions that are split out into 4 modules. Each module contains 1 workshop and 2-3 private sessions, that become the foundations of each proceeding module as participants undergo deeper levels of development.  

The system is designed to teach you the 3P framework. A framework that enables you to go from confusion to clarity by the end of our program. Not only will you exit completely clear on what your next best steps are, but we incorporate a fully defined plan and resources to help boost you into action. It's one thing to know what you want to do, but entirely another to go out there and do it. We help you through both. In this unique program we will work with you to build out a clearly identified personalized pursuit that is in complete alignment to who you are, and what you want out of life. Custom design a way to express your unique value into society. Job, vocation, project, studies, career, profession, side hustle, new venture. The application is as individual as you are. Let us help you get to where you know you need to go today!


Passion-Mastery 101 

Entire Program is 17 Weeks

 All Modules Shown Below.



Module 1

Workshop + Private Session

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Module 2

Workshop + Private Session



Module 3

Workshop + Private Session



Module 4

Workshop + 12 week Passion Pursuit 

The Passion4 Series teaches The Passion Centre's 3Ps of Passion.

This is based on:

  • Personal Intelligence (not to be confused with Emotional Intelligence)
  • Practical Application
  • Passion Activation

Participants gain a very clear understanding of self through our self discovery framework. From there we identify lifestyle and professional gaps and opportunity for alignments. Whether you are looking for clarity or validation in your professional life, or wanting to take the leap into something you have long desired - this program will help. 

Each participant graduates this journey with their own 12 week Identified Passion Pursuit. And we have their back through the entire process!  Including a full execution strategy, resources and tools to best set them up for success and a process accountability plan. Each alumni is given an opportunity to be a part of a community based mastermind that allows them the space, time, tools, resources and expert advice to move down their chosen path with confidence and ease! 

It has NEVER been easier to get your dreams in motion! Find out our next program schedule here, and Sign Up Today!!