Kira's Core4 Passions:

Connecting, Communicating, Understanding and Building

Kira Day, CCP - BIO

I’ve done it. As I'm sure you have.

I’ve put things on hold. I’ve put the job first to chase goals, that once achieved, found they were the wrong goals...Even if they came with the right lessons.

My own journey with my Passion has been complex.

I’ve learned over time that we can be passionate about the wrong things, or we mistake our Passions completely.

Like so many, I mistook my desire to be successful as my Passion, and pursued it relentlessly.

Sooner or later though, perhaps like you, I came to a point where I knew I had lost touch with not only what my Passions were, but also, who I was.

This was the catalyst that lead me on a journey into self. A journey that ultimately lead me to making a series of decisions that somehow or other got me here. A designing of a new path. A disruption of self to re-find self.  A path that aligned me back to the Kira that was always within.

...Even if I forgot about her from time to time.

I had to rediscover what success and ultimately my well-being meant to me.

This journey marked several discoveries that would later become the foundation work for what is now, The Passion Centre.

I became laser focused on taking this work and making it accessible to wider audiences. 

With my Coaching, Executive Sales background, combined with my Passion for Passion and well-being, I bring to you a unique perspective. A perspective that offers you insight into how to find, and activate those things that matter most to you. Bringing newer forms of purpose and meaning back into your life through aligning your professional (job, careers) and personal professional (side hustles, passion projects, entrepreneurial) ventures to your core4 Passions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey. I genuinely hope we get the chance to work together on one of the most important projects you will ever work on in this life. YOU!