Date: July 15th-19th 2018


Spend 5 days in the breathtaking countryside of France in a Grande and beautiful Chateaux. Be alongside 100+ professionals, from all around the world, to experience the most dramatic, transformative and life changing results of a life time!


Are you ready to put yourself out there and experience true transformation?


Kira Day, founder of The Passion Centre, will be working alongside a team of specialized coaches, psychologists, to health and wellness experts to show you new possibilities and limitless opportunity. 

Be surrounded with like-minded people all sharing in the experience of transformation and development.

Uncover your Passions and re-ignite your soul in a safe, secure, collaborative and positive environment. 

This experience has been designed like no other. Carefully crafted to encourage collaboration, trust, human connection and superior support. This experience will uplift you, reinvigorate your authentic self, and truly show you the art of transformation. 

What is it that is causing you the most pain right now?


Is it finding love?

Is it an unfulfilling career?

Is it your deepest fear of unfulfilled potential?


Imagine the possibilities that results from being in a creative, powerful and inspirational space! In 5 days get ready to become more of who you are, and get to where you know you deserve to be. Let us help you create the space and the right kind of environment to achieve your wildest dreams.

Your amazing journey will be filmed in the highest standards of quality by LaVoie Films.  Yes, that's right! Your entire personal evolution will be documented. Which begins in pre-production, where you will learn more about yourself and this amazing journey you have started.

Some of the unique and purposefully designed experiences will include:


·      A Masquerade Ball

·      Mystery Games

·      Argentine Tango

·      Artistic Expression & Wine

·      Sunrise Yoga

·      One on One and group Coaching

·      Connected Experiences

·      Bootcamp

·      Crossfit

·      Private Chef Meals

·      Champaign Bar


At the end of the day, when you look in the rear view mirror, you will reflect upon your precious time in your life, warmly smiling as you remember those magic moments in your heart, mind and soul.

As Oscar Wilde once said "To live is the rarest thing, most people just exist".


Please contact Kira Day for more information on this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience!!



Kira brings a special opportunity to reach your fullest potential. She is available for special programs, talks and events. 

She is able to custom tailor her talks to meet the intended needs of particular events, and adapt her programs into workshops. 

For more information email her directly.



Passion, Purpose & Value


This side hustle event is in collaboration with DYPB. Kira Day will be speaking about how to align Passion, Purpose and Value to side hustle ventures. Sign Up Below:





The Way Back From Burn-Out

Live Talk - 50 mins

Do you know the signs?

What can you expect?

What is at the other side of Burn-Out?

How can you prevent it?

Why does this all matter?

Kira addresses these questions and more in an intimate and personal account of her own experience. Her goal is to leave her audience educated about the signs to look out for, and what to do and expect on the journey to the other side of burnout. She touches on the role Passion plays in this important conversation.

Join her in this honest and interactive session today!


Why You CAN'T Find Your Passion

Live Talk - 45 mins

Do you know what Passions are?

Do you know what yours are?

Where does your Purpose fit?

Why does this all matter?

Kira addresses these questions and more in an interactive and thought provoking session! Her goal is to challenge the current understanding of Passion and offer some new and interesting perspectives on the topic. These insights will help the audience redefine their own relationship with Passion, and find ways of expressing them well within the business of our work/life culture. This is a talk-provoking and insightful conversation that is both engaging as it is honest and refreshing.

Join her passion fuelled interactive session today!



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