The Neuro-Science of Passion

We can feel curious about something, or be attracted to other things, but what differentiates Passion is our intrinsic desire to nurture a topic and bond with it. This nurturing happens through regular engagement in the things we care about. This increases the value of that topic over time, and can ultimately develop into a Passion.

But here is where it gets tricky. This is not 100% science. We can lose interest in things relatively easily. But some things can stick forever. Why is that?

Going back to Passion being multi-dimensional. There are many facets that effect how we develop our passions. The brain is an instrument of amazement. A lot of what we find passion in is correlated to areas of the brain we have allowed to develop.

Neuroplasticity is a popular conversation these days as the brain has been shown to change shape, and even develop volume just by the thoughts we have, the things we learn, and how we choose to engage with our environment. As a matter of fact, some of the content provided may have just changed your brain! Kind of cool, right??

We have roughly 70,000 thoughts per day. By engaging in what we find meaningful and interest in, causes us to think about that topic more. The more we think about it and evaluate it, the more neurons develop that subsequently interact with other neurons, forming different pathways.

You are essentially creating a brain map that allows for chemical activation at each juncture point.

Dopamine is a popular one. This is the same chemical that creates an almost addiction like sensation to social media and gaming. Hacking the dopamine supply has been a hugely successful marketing strategy. So, going back to interest and Passion. Regularly exposing yourself to new activities, and engaging in things that make you curious is an effective way to activate those neuro-chemicals that create intrinsic feelings like meaning, and Passion.

Passion is a form of intrinsic Economy

Passion is a form of motivation. Intrinsic motivation. Simply meaning, a type of economy our bodies has created to reward you for your work or effort. These rewards are so great in fact that people can persevere onward in an activity they are Passionate about, defying all odds, facing all types of suffering and adversity, and defeat what would seem like immobilizing fears to others, to pursue their Passion. The net result is that in this pursuit, they find meaning. A powerful emotion that enriches life by increasing its value.

What have you done recently to align yourself to your Passion?

Please comment below, would love to hear some of your own examples!